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About Us

ART FOR FURNITURE been established in 2015 a wholly UAE, design orientated, home furniture making for the contract market from its dedicated 4500sqft factory in Dubai.

At ART FURNITURE we believe the design and manufacture of truly original, high-quality furniture is the result of passion, care, design integrity, experience, craftsmanship and an unfaltering dedication to quality. This commitment could not be realised without fully integrating the design and manufacturing processes. At our factory we start the process with beds and finish with beautifully crafted chairs.

Our Mission

To be a leading designer and manufacturer of contract seating, building strategic partnerships with designers and specifiers and working to provide quality interior solutions.

Design Process

The process of design and its co-ordination from initial concept through to brochures and image is managed in high end quality. We aim to continuously introduce exciting collections of individual contemporary products.

"Good design is not just beautiful, it is functional, it is a combination of great care, attention to detail and its style and quality will always endure time."

ART FURNITURE is a passionate exponent of lean manufacture and, through its actions, clearly demonstrates how this approach delivers mutual benefits for company and customer. Significant reductions in waste have produced corresponding environmental gains and cost savings for the customer while, at the same time, operational efficiency has been increased resulting in improved lead times and even higher quality of product and service to the customer. We employ highly skilled, committed and motivated people, with a passion for furniture, and an ability to interpret and satisfy our customers’ needs.


We, at ART FURNITURE have always been concerned by sustainability and the environmental impact of our activities, as well as our social responsibility to the wider community and we design furniture so as to reduce its overall environmental impact throughout its life cycle. We continually assess the environmental impact of our operations and through minimising the use of materials and resources; we will reduce our wastage to the lowest practical level. We heat our factory with timber and sawdust waste, using a biomass boiler. We recycle foam waste and give fabric remnants to charities.